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Wolves on the WebMay the wolf's spirit run in you

I have always loved wolves and probably always will. One night I thought of the words "this world is one of the predator that is how it was designed" and in just moments the following poem was born.



Prayer of the Wolf

Great spirit watch over me
Through the darkness of the night
As I go to quell my hunger
Guide me with the moon's light

I know that I am hated
By Man deep within his mind
But this world is one of the predator
That is how it was designed

I ask only to be left in peace
So that I may live from day to day
And for room to raise my family

So they may run and feed and play

And when I answer that final lonesome howl
As my ancestors who have gone on before
I hope that I will meet them

At heavens very door

I pray that will be the place
Where man can live at our side
Where the valleys are deep, mountains are high
and the spaces are forever wide

That then he may finally see
That I am his brother and not his foe
for only through losing hatred
May our spirits ever grow

Jack Spirko


Music is the theme from "Dances with Wolves"
Wolf Pictures ]