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The Initiation
The making of a Swamy

A journey guided by Dr. Donald Schnell

Today there are many great works by many wonderful authors but it is a rare thing today to find something that is truly new and inspiring.  The Initiation by Dr. Donald Schnell is one.  Reading this book is truly like taking a trip to India as a native.  You will get glimpses into parts of India that have long been kept secret. You will also witness something few westerners have ever seen.  The initiation of a Swamy as Dr. Donald Schnell is transformed into Prema Baba Swamiji.

This book is filled with miracles but in the context and the culture they seem far from miracles. In India the fact that man is more then the sum of his parts is not great insight but common knowledge.  This forgotten world is full of mystical experiences.  Dr. Schnell takes you beyond the hype in place to pacify the touristIf you would like answers or new answers to the following questions: Who am I?, Where do I fit in the universe?, How can my life have meaning? and How can I touch the infinite?  Then The Initiation is a journey you should take.

The following are excerpts from The Initiation used with permission of the publisher - Element Books (Boston, Sydney, London). 

 The experience of being fully present
in the here and now was opening up for me.
My mind wandered less and less to my past
or to my imagined future.
As I became fully aware of the present moment,
I was in the alternative reality.
More and more, a sense of harmony,
quiet and light surrounded each moment.
“Where am I?”
I often wondered during this period.
Babaji’s voice frequently responded from within:
“You are home.”

 This is it.
This is the moment.
The glory and love of God is here in this moment.
Enlightenment is in this very moment.
This is it!
If we don’t learn here and now to appreciate it,
what will ever satisfy us?
A man arrives in heaven and complains,
“How can we enjoy this harp music with out some
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?”

Swamy leaned forward,
and whispered a deep truth
with many facets into my ear.
It was priceless.
I felt immeasurably uplifted.
He had given me a passport to heaven.
Aloud, he said “Remember always,
God is simple.
Everything else is complex.”

There have been many wonderful teachers whom have spoken to the masses through the written word.  The genius displayed in The Initiation by Dr. Schnell is not so much the message as the perspective from which it is taught.  Not since Richard Bach’s work in Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull has someone made the most complex spiritual truths so easy to comprehend.  Yet The Initiation is fresh, new and different in a word The Initiation is original.

 If you would like to take a true journey into the unknown The Initiation is for you.  Join Prema Baba Swamiji and voyage into the most mystical, most incredible and sometimes most terrifying wilderness that there is….  The wilderness of your soul.