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The Ancient and Beautiful Redwoods







In the early spring of 2000 I had the good fortune to be in the Bay Area of California and got to see the redwoods in the Big Basin 
Area. I couldn't help but feel that these trees were created to benefit mankind. It seemed that many of the trees could have served as a shelter.  As can be seen in the pictures below many of them are 
hollow and could shelter a family for a night or longer. Many of 
these trees are over two thousand years old. Thousands of them 
were cut in the name of progress. It is an absolute sin to kill 
something over a thousand years old. Every time one of them is 
cut we loose a part of ourselves.

In the links section of my site there are groups that work to save 
the forests of the world. I do not ask people to donate money but I 
would ask that you support one of them, be it with money, time, 
or by promoting them in some way. If we loose what is left of the Redwoods and the rest of the worlds forests how can we hope to survive. For to solve all the problems with the environment is a 
simple task.

Do Nothing, just leave everything alone and nature will repair the damage. If we as a people can't stop killing and destroying the environment by just leaving them alone how can we hope to solve 
the problems that indeed require action.

The pictures below are from my recent trip to the big basin redwoods.  Click on them to see a full size image.  Use your 
browsers back arrow to return to this page.








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