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Network Marketing for the Celestine Community

OK, so may be you are familiar with Network Marketing also know as Multi Level Marketing and may be you are not.  In any event I will be completely honest with you about what makes it work and what makes some take a very poor view of it.  Let's get right to it then.

  • Problem One 
    Money is not earned by selling products or services but by recruiting folks and convincing them they will make a lot of money.
  • Solution
    Join a business that cost not one penny to join.  If this is the case only by selling a service or product can money be made.  Why should you pay a company for the privilege of selling its' products anyway?
  • Problem Two
    Many network marketing companies sell products you would only buy if you were in the company.  Many times the products are not competitively priced or they require your customers to make a lifestyle change.
  • Solution
    Join a business that sells services and products everyone is already using. A business where you could have your Grandmother as your customer with a clear conscience.  A business where your customers can save money and get great service from you.
  • Problem Three
    Network Marketing companies typically market products no one has ever heard of.  This means that even if they are great companies you have a hard time gaining creditability with customers and partners.
  • Solution
    Join a company that partners with well known companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Gateway Computers, Motorola, Verizon, The Dish Network, PageNet and other industry leaders.

So if you are ready to learn more  go to my Cognigen Website.  You can sign up completely for free and I will then work with you to build the type of business you want for yourself.  You will get two websites.  One will market and sell the products and services the other will be to tell others about the opportunity.  When you sign up you will also get access to a private portion of you website.  This area provides complete training, increadible marketing ideas and so much more.  Once again it is free to sign up and the best part is you will have me as a partner.  If you are not interested in a business still take a moment to see if I can save you money.  

Try my Best Rate Calculator and see if the phone company is charging you too much.

I ask you to take just a moment to look at the sites.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about the sites or the business.  


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