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A Bit of My Poetry

The following poem was written during a time that I became truly inspired. It is the story of two men with adoves are lights of hope different view of the same sky. At one time they both lived within me as separate individuals.  When they came together as one this poem was the result.  I have never been the same since that day.  It was in fact the first thing I ever wrote that didn't stink.  Please take a look at my other poetry and our new section dedicated to poetry by members of Celestine View.  Just click on More Poetry above.

Lights of Hope

The stars shimmer brightly
Two men speak of them
One speaks of science
One speaks of dreams
I stand quietly and listen
One says they are but balls of gas
Giant Masses of nuclear fusion
That is all
The other says they are lights of hope
A symbol of how little we are
The very essence of existence
Again the scientist speaks
Truly we must both regret
That we will never reach them
In our lifetime
The dreamer responds,
No I've already been there
I smile and still say nothing
The Stars now look different

Jack Spirko