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Poems by Jack Spirko

I began writing poetry as I became aware of my spiritual nature and as I have found answers to the "great questions" I write far less. It seems that a suffering poet is more often visited by the muse then a happy one. As of late I have been inspired by many things and have plans to write more. 

After you check out my poetry please take a moment to view the poetry submitted by members of Celestine View by clicking the link at the top of the page.  Want to see your poetry here then just send me your work for review by email. 

The following poems are my original work from a period of over 8 years. To me poetry is a celebration of life and earth. The most basic and pure prayer is poetry. 

"Today I am thankful that the sky is blue, the grass is green and the sun warmed the ground"

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 Mother Earth

 Each morning we are gifted
 With the warmth of the morning sun
 And each night we are gifted
 With the stars above

 Each day we are shown
 The miracle of birth
 And the joy of growth
 And the beauty they hold

 Each spring you give us new life
 Every fall you plant rainbows in the trees
 In wintertime you provide rest
 So that we can appreciate summers warmth

 Much has been done to wound you
 Yet you continue to give
 Hoping that one day
 We will come to know

 That you Mother Earth are a gift
 That has been given to us with love
 And only through our love of this gift
 May you be saved

-Jack Spirko

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Unseen Angels

Angels don’t just live
As forms of mystical art
For at least once everyday
An angel touches our heart

When someone shows us
Just how strong we can be
They’re an angel with wings
We simply can’t see

Even when we’re sad
And our spirits are broke
With their care and a touch
They can give us hope

Angels do all this
Without a brag or a boast
And they always show up
When we need them the most

Angels don’t just live in heaven
They’re here every day
For who but an Angel
Could teach our children to play

-Jack Spirko

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I refuse to surrender

I refuse to surrender
To those who say
That I am a fool
To believe in love
To those who claim
We must accept the system
Or perish like scattered ashes
Of a fire at night
I will never give into the piranha
Who tear away at the flesh of faith
Nor to those who have no heart
And believe that to possess
Such a thing is a weakness
I will never surrender to those
Who see no beauty in a sunset
Nor to those who view flowers
Simply as mulch for crops of timber
For a man without love
Truly is no man at all
And a man with love
Can see all of this and more
Because a man with love
Sees with his heart
And hears with his soul
And could never surrender
To a weak man who has
No heart or love
And is blind and deaf
To what is real!

-Jack Spirko

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The Touch of a Woman

The touch of a woman
Is a beautiful thing
It makes the body feel young
And causes the heart to sing

The touch of a woman
Is a wondrous joy
It makes a man view life
As when he was a boy

The touch of a woman
Is a beautiful sight
It can make a strong man gentle
And bring passion at night

The touch of a woman
Can cause a sleeping man to wake
And even cause his body
To tremble and to shake

The touch of a woman
Is indeed a thrill
Yet the love of a woman
Is even greater still

-Jack Spirko

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The Snake

Condemned and cursed by society
Hated and despised and even
Considered as a servant of Satan
The very symbol of evil
Yet what evil do you do?
Kill, yes but only in defense
Such an act by a human
Is considered heroic
And you ask only
To be left in peace
For something to feed upon
For the warmth of the sun
For a mate
And to exist in the silent
Unchanged beauty of nature
Though you are condemned
If those who condemn you
Followed the example you leave
The world would be a better place
For all of us.

                              -Jack Spirko


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