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As I have said many times Celestine View is your site.  I have received requests to include some poetry by members of Celestine View and here is the long promised page.  Celestine View is about more then The Celestine Prophecy it is about how those of us who are awakening to this new reality are communicating with each other.  To me poetry is the highest form of expression.  It shows the reality trapped in the shell known as the human body.  Those below have taken the time to share the meaning they have discovered within as they have journeyed through the wilderness of their own soul (an often frightening and amazing journey).  Take a moment to read their reflections and please share your own if you feel so inclined.  Submit one poem as I will limit publication to one poem per member.  If you have a site showcasing your work I will be glad to include a link to it in the credit.  Poetry will be published in the order it was received no exceptions.

Please Note...  All the following poems are the original work of the listed author.  If you would like to use or showcase any of this work please contact me and I will get you in touch with the author of the work that interests you.

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Members Poetry





Dark Night

This is the "Dark Night"
The periods of growth of the soul
The feeling of not knowing
In Limbo
It feels like I'm being drained of all my energy
Maybe I have to be emptied of all old beliefs 
before I can truly be filled
Looking for purpose
A period even great mystics and sages go through
before great insight, spiritual revelation and growth
Before the feeling of knowing one's life purpose
It feels like HELL in here!
In the dark place
The test has begun
to see what I am made of
All sorts of things have been laid before me 
to renounce my vow to God and myself
I will stand firm
Yes - I will hurt - 
but I will not be moved!
I will come out on the other side of this 
with insight, energy, and purpose
I will use it to serve my fellow man
Whatever happens here is illusion
For reality is beyond this realm
I will not be in this place forever
but will savor it
for what it has given me
Spiritual Growth
These things can only be gained through 
the "Dark Night of the Soul"
It's worth the wait
It's worth the pain
to be in a peaceful place
to be calm in the midst of the storm
Though everything is whirling around you (and inside you)
there's a calm that surpasses that
A hand to hold onto
A shoulder to cry on
not of this world
but in my world
Now & Forever

By Cynthia Mock 
Visit Cynthia's Website

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"Light Touch"

On days when you feel lonesome,
I touch you through some friend.
On days when no one is around,
I touch you with the wind.
I AM with you always, though yet
I AM unseen.
And so I Love you truly,
though some days it does not seem.
And I understand you fully,
for I have walked as a human being.
When you are lost and out of place,
it's my Light that you observe.
For my gentle truth does lead you back,
through the forest and the trees.
When you are sick and feeling blue,
there I sit with a loved one, looking
through the eyes of their concern.
I AM there with you always,
when someone holds your hand.
I AM there with you always,
when someone lovingly understands.
It is my Light Touch that you feel,
when your weary heart beats new.
It is my Light Touch that you feel,
when another holds and comforts you.
It is my Light Touch in the morning,
It is my Light Touch late at night.
For I AM with you always.
There is no darkness where I stand.
I AM the Lord who lives today, and
I AM ready to return.
Billions of Hands of LIGHT.
They are the Torch Light of my Love.
I have entered their hands like a glove.
They will touch you with My Light.
As I come closer you will know.
I will lead you to understand.
And I will do this with MY LIGHT TOUCH,
till face to face we meet again...

Inspired by The Light Touch of Master Jesus...
Written by: Rita Esten*
. December 5,1995
Starduster* is Rita E

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Blessed Be This Moment

lessed be this moment in my life
it is all complete.
There will always be something new
for now
I can breathe
I can just
let it all flow
my heart is full
my head is clear
my spirit
for now.
Change is inevitable
just as
life is inevitable
for now,
the moment.

By Catherine Jenkin

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Green Willow Song

Rock gently old wagon upon this dusty
road of life.
With the rustling of leaves, with the sunís warmth
to cheer our way.
Gentle is our day with a travelerís heart.
We sing the songs of the earth, songs that
have long been forgotten.
Hear as we sing the song of she who is the 
breath of the green willow.
For we are the Lilies of Solomon, that toil not
upon this good green earth.
But travel with a song of beauty, leaving sweet 
memories for the soul to cling too.
We are those who are sent to awaken the earth
with her song.
We sing a song to lighten the hearts that are deep in
the frozen sleep of fear.
We sing to spread the healing, to heal she
who is the earth.
So we sing the green willowís song.
 In it you hear the song of the lark, the sweet brook and 
the sisterís of the wind  as in itís joyous
melody it tumbles by.
This is her song come add your voices lend to 
us the beauty of your soul.  
For in the singing of this the green willow song is

the healing of the earth with your love.


By MJ Milam



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