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My Thoughts on the Celestine Prophecy 
and our World

The Celestine Prophecy came into my life at the perfect time as all things do if we are ready to receive them. I was on the verge of ending a long time relationship and my career was at a major turning point. A good friend of mine had been asking me to read the book for a long time. I've always been a person interested in the mystical but for some reason just wasn't interested at the time. 

One day we ended up at the local mall in a store I have always loved (Natural Wonders) looking at a game that was primarily composed of a 3D model of the symbol for infinity. I became for some reason fascinated with it and later at home made one from a simple strip of paper. As my friend and I discussed the shape and meaning I became connected with my own higher wisdom for the first time. I, just as they say, went off for awhile - how long I'm not sure but when I finally stopped my friend sat amazed and all he could say is you really need to read this book.

Well I did read the book and it was one of the best experiences in my life. I have many times quested for that feeling of connection (Discussed in the 5th insight) and though I have gotten there a few times it never has been as intense. I have implemented as much of the philosophy into my life as a modern day cave man is capable of but have still found many road blocks and pitfalls along the way. I have discovered a wealth of information and hope to pass it along and help our community to grow.

I have seen much of the insights in the daily life of those who don't know about them. This to me has been a sign that they are indeed emerging in our culture. I have also read The Tenth Insight and The Search for Shambala and have come to love the work of James Kavanaugh and Richard Bach and have included links to their sights as well as sections on them in great authors. 

I would like to think that it is in the spirit of Mr. Kavanaugh's words that this site was created. When he said in There are Men too Gentle to Live Among Wolves,

"For those refuse to take life as it is- because it wasn't always"


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