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How to help the Organization Near and Dear to you Heart

Most of my visitors are people who have something they believe in and support organizations that they believe in as well.  We all have groups we support when we can and want to help them if at all possible.  Sometimes it is a group that protects the environment or another global cause and sometimes it is much closer to home.  For example the school our children attend, our church or a local athletic group.  All of these groups are always looking for new methods of fund raising.  I have come across a great way to help such groups provide services their members are using already at a savings and then have a percentage of the profit off those services go back to the organization.

It is a very simple process and it doesn't cost the organization one dime to set up the program and there is plenty of support available so that your organization need only inform its members and collect monthly checks.  This is quite simply one of the most effective and easy fund raisers available today.

  • Does this sound to good to be true?  

I thought so too at first and not only is it true but the company that provides this service has been featured in Consumer Reports magazine as a great company to save money with.   There is no publication today with more creditability then Consumer Reports.

  • So how does it work?

It is almost too simple.  Most groups have a website and a means of communicating with their members.  So my company will provide them with an e-commerce site free of charge that can be set up in a matter of minutes.  Then the organization sends notification to it's members about the new website and asks it members to consider spending their money with the organization instead of with strangers.  Most groups put a link to this e-commerce page on their main website.

  • So what are the products and services?

Telecommunications and technology services on every level you can think of and there lies the true beauty of this program.  Your members never spend a dime they are not already spending.  Start with long distance service at 3.9 cents per minute and 6% of every members bill goes back to the organization.  Wait though Long Distance is just a small piece we have all technology services you can think of.  A few include website hosting, DSL, dial up internet service, calling cards, security systems, satellite TV systems, cell phones and pagers, voice messaging and a computer and electronics store with more then 20,000 items.

  • So what types of companies provide these services?

Top notch leaders in the global technology market.  Some you will recognize are Gateway Computers, Nextel, Sprint Wireless, Quest Communications, AT&T, Dish Networks, Direct TV and many more.  In fact we have a total of  35 service providers with in our company.  Many of these folks compete within our company for your business.  This way we always put the customer first.  We even give you a rate search tool this way every member picks the service that best fits their calling habits.

  • So how does one get started in this.?

Well you just go to my Cognigen Website and sign up for free but I would prefer if we talked first.  You may want to sign up your organization under me or you may want to sign them up under you.  I can help you decide which but even if you don't have an organization you want to suggest this program to I can still save you money so do take a look at my  Cognigen Website.

So take a look but send me an email with any questions and I will be glad to help.

May your dreams bring light,