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The Celestine Economy

So just what is the Celestine Economy.  When I refer to a Celestine Economy I mean the economy of the future described in the original insights and more in-depth in The Celestine Vision.

The following is my interpretation of James Redfield's comments on the new economy I am in no way implying that Mr. Redfield indorses my business or even my website.

In The Celestine Vision James Redfield describes an economy where people give each other information and when someone gives another information that is of use money is exchanged and in this way our entire economy will move to a point where people earn a living simply by exchanging information.

I believe for this to work people will need to become experts in particular areas.  No one is going to pay you to tell them the sky is blue or the grass is green.  People will look to others for the areas they are experts in.

The closest thing we have to this today is an industry known as Network Marketing.  Please if you have any preconceived notions of this industry give me a moment to explain first.  The theory of  Network Marketing works like this.

  1. You recommend a product or a service just like you might already recommend a movie or restaurant and if the person you make the recommendation to becomes a customer you earn a small commission.
  2. You also tell others about the opportunity and if they become involved you earn a commission on their sales. You then earn money of the people they invite to join and so on down to a certain number of levels.
  3. When you sponsor someone into the industry it is your job to teach them the products and how to tell others about them. 

Now all of these involve you giving information to another person and getting paid for it.  The great part is the person is not required to give you any money only if they choose to act on your information do you earn any money.

There were a lot of problems in Network Marketing in the past but the company I work with has solved them all.