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Books by James Kavanaugh

"There are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves"-This is myJames Kavanaugh personal favorite. The poetry of this work has made it a classic that will last forever. It is the truths presented in this work that make is so wonderful.  Be sure to read the exerts from this book on my main James Kavanaugh page.

"A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church"-Originally printed in 1967 this work led to many reforms in the Catholic Church. Dr. Carl Rodgers said "It is one of the most moving human documents I have ever read!  In an earlier day the author would have been burned at the stake."

"Will You Be My Friend?"-James Kavanaugh writes "Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is rare...It trusts, understands, grows, explores,...It does not exhaust or cling, expect or demand.  It is- and that is enough"

"Laughing Down Lonely Canyons"- I think every well balanced person had to of spent some time walking through their own lonely canyon.  This book is for those there now or who can still remember their walk yet refuse to abandon their dreams.

"From Loneliness To Love"-In James Kavanaugh's own words "To move from loneliness to love means to take a risk, to create the kind of personal environment & support we need."

"Search: A Guide For Those Who Dare Ask Of Life Everything That Is Good And Beautiful"-James Kavanaugh provides 12 proven principles to move from self doubt to self love.  This is a great book for those traveling down the path that tend to feel alone from time to time.  

"A Lifetime Isn't Long Enough To Love You"-This a book to share with someone you love.  No one conveys the passion of true soul love the way James Kavanaugh does.  From this book "So much of life is spent trying to prove something...Maybe if I loved you more, I wouldn't have to prove anything!"

"The Crooked Angel"-James Kavanaugh's only children's story tells of two angels "with crooked little wings" who escape from isolation and sadness through friendship and laughter.


Additional Books by James Kavanaugh- Reviews of these titles coming soon.

  • Walk Easy On The Earth
  • A Village Called Harmony-A Fable
  • Celebrate The Sun: A Love Story
  • Tears and Laughter Of A Mans Soul
  • Quiet Water
  • Mystic Fire
  • America, I Love You But Not Like I Used To
  • And On The Sixth Day God Made Man...Honest!
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