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The Influence of Richard Bach

Peace is not an IllusionMy Blue Feather

Fans of Richard Bach will know where I am going with this but for those who have not yet experienced his book Illusions I will give Richard Bach's Feather from Illusions a brief summary. In the book Richard meets Donald Shimoda a modern day messiah that teaches that miracles are nothing more then understanding the universe. He tells Richard that he can have anything he wants simply by imagining it. He tells Richard how to visualize the object. Richard first wants his dream woman but Donald tells him to start small so Richard chooses a blue feather. A few days later Richard finds his blue feather on a milk carton.

While reading this book I to decided that I wanted a blue feather and imagined it as Richard was told to do. About a week later a friend of mine brought me a paddle from his old canoe for my new boat because he knew that I had already been stuck on the lake when the motor failed just two days after buying it. He had gotten rid of his canoe and said I was welcome to have it. When he handed it to me my jaw almost hit the floor. On it was a blue feather. I have seen many such paddles since in stores but all their feathers were black. As of yet my paddle is the only one I have ever seen with a blue feather. Well the boat is gone but I still have the paddle and you can bet I'll keep it as long as I walk this planet.

For those of you who haven't yet read Illusions reading it will beRichard Bach's Feather from Illusions well worth the effort. When you finish it keep a look out for your blue feather.

Some other great books by Richard Bach include One, The Bridge Across Forever, No Such Place as Far Away, Stranger to the Ground and of course Jonathan Livingston Seagull.