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  A New Celestine Economy

When I started Celestine View I did so with no intent to sell anything as I stated many times.  I also stated that at some point I might add some content that would be for profit.  I have now done so.

I feel that the information contained in this part of my site is not only valuable but insightful.  I still am not selling access to Celestine View and never will.  From the beginning Celestine View was meant to be a gift to our Celestine Community on the WWW and it shall always be.

My friends I feel obligated to tell you if you continue with this portion of my site I will, one; offer you partnership in my new endeavor, two; offer to make you my customer if you would rather be a customer then a partner and three; give you my feelings on the new economy spoken of in the original 9 insights and in James Redfield's nonfiction book The Celestine Vision.

I encourage you to proceed from here and at least give what I have to say a listen.  I promise several things.

  1. I will never ask you to send any money to me.
  2. If you are interested in a business of your own this would be a great one for you to start and there is no investment at all.
  3. The services I offer, you are already using and I can most likely save you money.
  4. Whether or not you partner with me, become my customer or even read any of my information beyond this page I will still value your friendship and honor you as a member of our community.  Your true value to me lies in the fact that you believe in the ability of our world to join together.  How you choose to contribute to that is not important.

In the Insights and in The Celestine Vision James tells us how the exchange of information will lead to an economy based on tithing.  I believe that we already are on our way there.